My husband Brian and I grew up in rural Kansas.  In those days, in small town America, signs were mainly constructed and painted by hand.  Advertising could be found front and center, a beacon that personified an owner's pride.  My mom, owner of Lynn's Signwork was the go-to artist for business owners looking for custom designed, hand-painted signs, guaranteed to engage the local community.  When I was 19, my mom handed me one of her finest brushes and told me to get to work.  Today, Brian and I carry on my mom's legacy.  In a world of disposable vinyl signs, Keegan's Pastime Signs offers a product that is one of a kind.  If you are looking to infuse your home, business, school or club with a sign that is both professional and original, book a consultation today.  We can't wait to bring your ideas to life. 


The lady that got us started, Lynn Mitchell, owner of Lynn's Signwork. Lynn was the go-to artist for business owners looking for custom designed, hand-painted signs.  Today, we strive to carry out her legacy. 



Brian Keegan

Brian has served as a school psychologist  and coach in the state of Kansas for over a decade.  


Designer and Painter

Courtney Keegan

Courtney is a firefighter/emt for the Kansas City Kansas Fire Department.

Giving to others brings us great joy.  That is why we are committed to giving 10% of the proceeds from each American flag purchase back to an organization in need.  Fly a flag and support a worthy cause at the same time.  

We value fiscal responsibility and at the same time we acknowledge that you get what you pay for.  We do our best as a company to support businesses who give back to their communities.  We buy local when we can even if that means paying more from time to time. 

Our mission is to help build stronger communities.  We do that the best way we know how: Creating signs that rally.  We believe that it's okay to be homemade and that originality is especially eye-catching.